I fell in love hard and fast with the electric bass guitar in 1991. This began my life long pursuit to figure out how to play the instrument and to learn about its role in music. Around the same time, I formed a friendship with Edmonton violinist John Calverley, who I consider to be my first music teacher. In 1994 I attended the music program at Grant MacEwan College in Edmonton, Alberta. I hated it so I quit before the end of the first year. Ahh… so young, so defiant, so under prepared. But while there, a much larger world of music was presented to me and a strong work ethic was formed.

In my days on the Edmonton music scene I performed and/or recorded with Edmonton songwriters Tanyss Nixi, Robin Hunter, Jenn Kraatz,  Shuyler Jansen and John Gorham to name a few. I also provided accompaniment for local theatre and dance.

Two of my most formative musical experiences were performing with Edmonton improvised/musique actuelle collectives T.I.N. (The Improvised Network. Thom Golub – upright bass, Dave Hoyle – winds, Lane Arndt – guitar, Eric Weiden – trumpet) and Rise hosted by saxophonist Brett Miles. My involvement with these projects and the knowledge shared from the many musicians who took part in the weekly performances would have a permanent impact on my development as a musician.

The drive to make & perform original music led to the creation of the genre defying composition project AUDio SQUADron in 2002. The same year I joined the world-beat fusion group Moksha which released their first CD ‘Lady Sun’ in 2004. AUDio SQUADron would release the albums ‘Ne Plus Ultra’ in 2006 and ‘Requisite Variety’ in 2008. Both of these projects were opportunities for me to present my own compositions and experiment with my ideas and approaches to music. (Click ‘projects’ for more info.)

Playing fretless electric bass in Moksha inspired me to learn the upright bass and I began my classical studies with Edmonton symphony bassist Ioan Tetel in 2005. Moving to Victoria in 2008, I continued my studies with symphony bassist Han Han Cho. To satisfy the jazz side I have enjoyed occasional lessons with Victoria bassists Scott White and Joey Smith and Saxophonist Roy Styffe.

Since moving to Victoria I have worked and played with Galen Hartley, Kelby MacNayr, Anne Schaefer, Paul Laverick, Eric Gallipo, Mark Sheeler, Iain Duncan, and Jonathan VanZiffle. I have a duo with Sara Marreiros where we perform traditional Fado music and stripped down intimate versions of some of our favorite songs.  My secret crush on risky jazz is explored in the Lane Arndt Trio. (featuring Lane on guitar and Jon Miller on drums) Currently I have been performing with the Wes Carroll Trio, featuring Wes on guitar and Cyril Lojda on drums.  This group becomes the Wes Carroll Confabulation with the addition of Dakota Hoeppner on keys, and Miguelito Valdes on trumpet.

I am entering my early 40’s and I am still unable to grow a lush beard.